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Leasing vs. Buying​​

​Could Leasing Be Better than Buying?

Looking for a new car? Don't be misled by the term "lease." In the auto world today, leasing and buying are virtually the same. Both are ways of paying for use of a car.

Who really owns the cars we "buy" today? Who holds the title? For most of Americans, the bank does. We usually trade our cars in every few years to keep from having to pay the costly repair fees of a high mileage car.

Cash Flow Benefits. Get a luxury car with no down payment and lower monthly payments. You only pay for depreciation that occurs during your lease term, your payments tend to be lower. If you qualify, you can lease a Mercedes, Lexus or other luxury car for no down payment!

You're busy. It takes time to find and buy a car. With leasing and Hands On Leasing, LLC., you can make your request using email or by telephone. Hands On Leasing does all the work securing your lease and have your car delivered in a matter of days. I will save you time by doing the leg work for you.

Tax Benefits. If you own a business, generally the tax benefits of leasing are greater than if you buy a car outright. Ask your CPA if you'll be getting a tax deduction for your auto lease. When you buy a car, the payments aren't always deductible, while lease payments sometimes are.

Drive a Better Car for Less Money. Since your payments are generally lower with an auto lease than if you bought the same car outright, you can afford a nicer car than you would buying it.

Less Hassle. When you buy a car, you have to negotiate for the price and deal with the rigors of selling the vehicle when it's time to get a new one. An auto lease is opposite. You simply return the car when you want a new one.​

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  • ​No money down with approval.
  • Leasing means you buy only the portion/life span of the car you use.
  • Your monthly lease payment is substantially lower than a finance payment, as you are only paying for the use of a portion of the vehicles lifespan.
  • At the end of the lease, you can return the car or exercise your right to buy.
  • Your leasing consultant can tailor an auto lease to meet your needs.

Auto leasing is more popular than ever. 35% of the over 15 million cars sold in the US are leased? Leasing is a popular way to get the car you want. Here are three advantages to auto leasing.

Advantage #1: The first advantage to leasing is a simple idea - you pay for what you use. When you lease a car, you only pay for the amount of the car's value that you are actually going to use, plus the interest. Why pay for the whole car when you only plan to use it for a few years?

Advantage #2: The second advantage is affordability. You could be driving a new car right now for little or no down payment. Your typical monthly payments on a 36 month lease with are comparable to a 60 month conventional term finance agreement. You pay less money down and less money every month?

Advantage #3: The third advantage is economic sensibility. Financial advisors and experts agree that you should purchase items that appreciate in value, and rent or lease items that depreciate. The majority of cars depreciate in value as soon as you leave the dealership, and continue to do so. Also, there are many tax deductions that favor leasing. The average cost of driving a new car is rising faster than the average income.

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