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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I use Hands on Leasing instead of going directly to a dealer?
A. No need to waste valuable time negotiating prices on vehicles. All paperwork and vehicles are delivered to your home or office. I handle EVERY aspect of the transaction in such a way that you never have to leave your home or office.

Q. What confidence do I have that I am getting the best price on the vehicle?
A. All prices of vehicles are structured at or below the invoice price of the vehicle. This ensures that the clients get the BEST price. There are no hidden charges, all fees are clearly displayed so that you know what you are paying for.

Q. How much do I charge for my services?
The manufacturers of all of the vehicles which I distribute pay me a commission for the endorsement of the vehicles; therefore no fee is required from the client.

Q. Where am I required to bring my vehicle for service in order to keep up with warranty requirements?
A. For normal maintenance such as oil changes, you may bring your vehicle anywhere that you desire. In the event your vehicle requires any warranty work, you may bring it to any AUTHORIZED DEALER, which is convenient for you.

Q. What if my vehicle needs service and I need the use of a vehicle?
A. If loaner vehicles are provided by the manufacturer as part of their policy, you may too be part of that program by scheduling an appointment with the service provider of that dealership in advance.

Q. What if I presently have a car that I am looking to trade or sell. Do you accept trade-ins or do I have to sell/trade it privately?
A. In many cases I take in vehicles, pay book value, or utilize it toward the payment or down payment toward the lease or purchase.

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