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With winter weather rapidly approaching, the reliability and safety of your present vehicle becomes imperative.

Rather than investing dollar after dollar for repair into an outdated, obsolete 'Money Pit', consider taking advantage of what today's major auto makers have to offer.

Despite difficult economic times, all consumers can now benefit by taking advantage of the various rebates, incentives, zero percent financing, and lifetime warranties now being offered by the majority of auto makers.

Let us show you how to leave behind the problems of a 'tired', 'unreliable', and possibly unsafe vehicle.

For marginal INCEPTION FEES, give HANDS ON LEASING the opportunity to put you into a vehicle that you've been aspiring to drive at a price you can afford! 

A message from the president of the company

In a complex world where time is of the essence, voicemail and computerization are the norm, it's comforting to know that there still exists a company such as Hands on Leasing.

Our customers have a reputation of being loyal to us for renewals.

There must be a reason...

Find out why.

Having been leasing/purchasing vehicles for my previous company in excess of 35 years, I left my former business to devote full time to something which I thoroughly enjoy doing.
Jerry Marx – President